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We’ve failed to explain the difference in the three names. Silver Boomer Books which is the name of our company and where we publish our mainstay, memoir and nostalgia, apropos of our name which actually means, “baby boomers with silver hair.” But why do we have two imprints? Because they are not specifically memoir and nostalgia, of course.

Laughing Cactus Press describes itself:

Look at a cactus. Do you see thorns, ugliness? A source of lifesaving water? A funny-looking plant? Laughing Cactus Press provides different sets of eyes to channel the world. Our editors may be in the desert, but our authors provide eyes to see the whole spectrum — cactus to bagpipes to cautionary tales! This Poetry and Fiction imprint of Silver Boomer Books offers you a new pair of glasses to see the world.

Now, for some familiar with Twelve-Step Recovery as well as with the mission of Eagle Wings Press might believe the “new pair of glasses” attribute more fitting to the spiritual and recovery imprint. Eagle Wings Press is:

AA speaker Clint H describes a person’s mission as “located at the point where the talent we most love using meets the needs of the world around us.” We, the partners of Silver Boomer Books, love to gather, polish, and disseminate the written word. We hope to offer that service through our publishing.  We’re aware the fun and meaningful books like Silver Boomers and Freckles to Wrinkles may deal with issues less life-changing than others. For that reason – and because we do wish to provide meaningful service in essential areas – we’ve established the Eagle Wings Press imprint for recovery and spiritual books and cards. All of us have direct or indirect experience with Twelve-Step programs and recognize the powerful message of that simple program. We also come with strong individual spiritual awareness and wish to provide a forum for the dissemination of good, meaningful spiritual and recovery writing.  We stand ready to understand the will of the Spirit of the Universe whom we call God and humbly seek the power to carry that out.

Click on the cover to buy the new Kindle version of THREE THOUSAND DOORS published March 18, 2015.

A more vivid explanation of the difference of the two imprints, however, occurred to me in the last few days. I’ve been working on putting Three Thousand Doors into Kindle format, and that will be published in all probability before this blog post sees the light of day. At the same time, though, I was getting ready to be out of easy computer range for seven days next week and building up an inventory of poems to publish on the Eagle Wings Press Recovery Daily Dose blog. Needing inspiration quickly, it occurred to me to borrow titles from Karen Elaine Greene’s work. I know her well, know the titles come last to her whereas I start with the titles. And while I’ve been working with her book this week, I have been seeing it as blocks of text, some words of which need to be highlighted to be titles and others need to be italicized, but none of them are content, just strings of words. I have not read Karen’s poems since we published them in print in 2010.

The result, then, are poems with the same titles but with the emphasis of the different imprints. I thought you might enjoy the comparison and contrast.


The Laughing Cactus Press poem
from Three Thousand Doors by Karen Elaine Greene
The Eagle Wings Press poem
from Recovery Daily Dose blog
by Barbara B. Rollins and OAStepper

Safe Deposit Box

Perhaps I should lock happiness away
in a silver box
keep it in the basement
on a high shelf
save it for rainy days
when laughter is harder to come by.
But, no
happiness is not so easily contained.
It would bubble over
ooze around the seams
tear through the hinges
break the lock
and explode into daylight.

Safe Deposit BoxAre your valuables protected?
What’s most important to you?
Is your program there, your sobriety,
your sanity? Is it REALLY?
Do you find yourself giving lip service
to the importance of the program
but being willing to lay it aside “just once”
when you want to do something,
when you’re feeling left out,
when you’re afraid of what others will say?
Is this valuable possession something
you take with you when it’s convenient
but easily leave behind?
But really, a safe deposit box?
How can that fit with abstract things,
with ideas, behaviors, my life?
Have you ever heard of a God box?
Can that be your safety deposit box,
where you write it down on paper,
turn it over to God, and know it…
and you…are protected?
Ragged Edges

distorted and untidy
unravel quickly
as thread pulled gently
from unfinished hems
no shame in the disheveled
unwrap your gifts
and share them
like stars wait patiently
to be unhooked
and thrown free

Ragged EdgesI can hold it together,
put my best face forward,
make it in this world
until I can’t.
I can convince people
I know what I’m doing,
hold the lead, be a star
until I can’t.
I can fit into society,
manage life, exercise power,
hold on to sanity
until I can’t.
But it’s okay when I can’t
which actually is more often
than the times I can…
I know that when I’m honest
with me, with you.
And I can be honest with you,
my family of choice,
because you get me, you understand,
you’ve been there and admit it.
You’ve seen all my ragged edges
and you love me for them.
Severe Storm WarningShadowy clouds drip despondently
cymbals crashing in the atmosphere
fat drops thrash against hot pavement
break open like overripe fruit
oozing rancid flesh
lying dead and blackened
against gnarled branches
left untended and forgotten
long past their prime.
Severe Storm WarningSometimes trouble comes out of the blue
but not usually, not in life, not in the sky,
not in recovery. We know what to do
when the weather broadcast tells of storms,
of cancel-it-now events to be affected.
We understand palliative care, bucket lists,
diagnoses with no option we’d choose.
We know when fears, resentments, emotions
loom before us because of the place,
the people, the expectations.
Why do we fail to prepare for the storm warnings
in recovery as we would were they delivered
on the newscast? Why do we fail to gather our resources
and prepare to weather the storm?

Do you get it? Then get the books! The poems of Recovery Daily Dose are on the Internet site only but the books by the same authors are all available in Kindle format or in print. These links will take you to the Kindle versions.

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