About the Women


“The Duet — and The Accompaniment”


Becky Haigler is retired after 24 years of teaching Spanish and Reading in Texas public secondary schools. As an Air Force wife, she lived in Spain, Germany, Japan, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Texas. Her poetry has appeared in national and regional periodicals. Her short stories for adolescents have been published by several denominational publishing houses. Her collection of magic realism stories from Laughing Cactus Press is not so GRIMM, gentle fables and cautionary tales. While living in Shreveport, Louisiana, Becky served two terms as President of Shreveport Writers Club and was selected to the Artists Roster of Shreveport Regional Arts Council. Husband Dave has recently moved the family to St. Louis, Missouri, for his work. Becky is the mother of two daughters and grandmother of three granddaughters.


Barbara B. Rollins lives in Abilene, Texas, once a retired judge who returned to the bench on September 9, 2015. She began writing while waiting for lawyers. Her children’s books include the novel Syncopated Summer and a forensic series Fingerprint Evidence, Ballistics, Cause of Death, and Blood Evidence. Her Eagle Wings Press book A Time for Verse – poetic ponderings on Ecclesiastes was joined in 2011 by A Cloud of Witnesses – Two Big Books and Us, written with OAStepper, author of Slender Steps to Sanity – Twelve Step Notes of Hope and The Innkeeper’s Christmas Eve, illustrated by Sandra Carter. Barbara’s work has appeared in Byline, Kidz Ch@t, R*A*D*A*R, and Off the Record, an anthology of poetry by lawyers as well as in the Silver Boomer Books anthologies and other works. The past president of Abilene Writers Guild maintains several websites including those of Silver Boomer Books and her www.SharpWriters.com. She travels at will, often visiting sons and daughters-in-love along with a special set of twin grandsons.