A Quilt of Holidays


A Quilt of Holidays

Stories, Poetry, Memoir

Meet our authors for A Quilt of Holidays


If there is one universal impulse that drives the human spirit, it is celebration. It cuts across all ages, cultures, and nationalities. It reflects in great part who we are. Our calendars are crowded with dates set aside to revel, commemorate – even atone. We yearn to express who we are collec­tively, to pause from the drone of our daily lives to share special times with friends and loved ones, days we commonly refer to as “holidays.”

The word “holiday” derives from holy day, refer­ring to any day set aside for religious observance. Although many holidays have re­mained linked to world faiths and religion, we have added a number of secular holidays to our calendars over the centu­ries. Most nations, in fact, pause to pay tribute to traditions and significant events in their history.

The holiday stories, poetry, and memoirs in this book speak to the human heart, make us laugh, and remind us of the importance of fellowship and sharing. From poems of New Year’s revelry to tales of Christmas, readers will be treated to a veritable cornucopia of images gathered from the holiday spirits of the writers included in this collection.

We hope you enjoy our “quilt of holidays.”


Meet the Editors

The Silver Boomer Books partners were delighted to have this anthology proposed by Dixon Hearne. They recruited Judy Callarman to round out the editorial team and it has been a delightful team effort.

Dixon Hearne lives in southern California, though his writing draws greatly from the rich images in his daily life growing up along the graceful river traces and bayous in West Monroe, Louisiana. After many years of writing for research journals, his interests turned toward fiction, poetry. creative non-fiction—and the challenge of writing in a different voice. He is the author of a new short story collection, Plantatia: High-toned and Lowdown Stories of the South(Southeast Missouri University Press) and editor of several recent anthologies of short fiction. His stories, many of which have earned awards, can be found in Mature Living, Louisiana Literature, Cream City Review, Wisconsin Review, Yellow Medicine Review and many other magazines, literary journals and anthologies. Dixon is currently at work on a novel and both a poetry and second short story collection. He is a frequent presenter at literary events, including the Louisiana Book Festival.
Judy Callarman lives in Cisco, Texas. She is a retired professor of creative writing and English at Cisco College and chair of the Fine Arts Division. Her poems and nonfiction have won contests and been published in Silver Boomer Books’ This Path and From the Porch Swing; Radix; Passager; Grandmother Earth; and Patchwork Path – Christmas Stocking. 
Partners Becky Haigler and Barbara RollinsBecky Haigler and Barbara Rollins, the other two editors, are profiled in here.


Nice Dramatic Pauses

The Ensemble

I also vote for dash.
You get nice dramatic pauses —
with dashes.

It’s a short, essential appositive.
Rules say don’t separate verbs
and objects by colons.
I know, I know, it’s very picky!
That makes it a run-on or comma-splice.
Praps I’ll send it.

I think we have enough Easter without her.
Agreed. She did get tiresome.
Out she goes.
My alter-ego bio is pretty boring.

One thing that bothers me about this piece!!
It has lots of exclamation points!!
Don’t worry about the quilt not being seamless.

I somehow like conjunctions
and prepositions
at beginnings of lines!

They are all serviceable
but i wonder if the A&M/UT one
is too regionally esoteric.

Grinning. Serviceable?
Don’t get too enthusiastic!
Actually laughing.

That needs a comma after “actually.”
I know this is very important to Texans
(and me), but it doesn’t really qualify
as a holiday, does it?
Yes. It’s called Thanksgiving.

Hence the Turkey in the name.

Drat. Passover is not Hanukkah.
Are there any “naturally green” beverages?!
I think we need to keep leprechauns
if they are associated with Christmas.


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