From the Porch Swing



From the Porch Swing

memories of our grandparents

Meet our authors for From the Porch Swing.

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From the Porch Swing continues in the tradition of Silver Boomer Books’ anthologies, a relaxing step into the past, an afternoon sipping Grandma’s lemonade and watching Grandpa’s whittlin’ – looking down the road to tomorrow. Recalling Mimi, Grandmom, Granny, Grandma, Gonnie, Lola, Mammuccia or simply Grandmother – or reclaiming the security of standing beside Pop, Poppy, Papa, Grand-pére, or Grandfather, we celebrate life – its continuity and connectivity – and grasp the grandeur. One hundred seven authors from Dallas to London; from Calgary, Canada, to Kraaifontein, South Africa, to Budapest, Hungary; we honor our heroes, our grandparents, and gloat of our grandchildren. Celebrate yours with us as we share grandparent memories.

Full of It


(a sample of editors’ online conversation)

The Quartet

This is good.
And it has lots of words for me to correct.

I can see you jumping up and down with glee —
clapping your hands together.
Sometimes…I think maybe…
you are far too giddy about corrections.

I think they should both be grownup —
btw, that’s one of those words that gets really weird
when you look at it very long!!

duz thiss sehntance mayk yew crayzee?

far too giddy? hMMM…
seems just about right to me!


sticking out your tongue?
Good place to hang edits.
on to the next POO

is that ‘point of order’ or brown stuff?
which is better OOB or POO?

OOB is almost Boob
brown stuff. Sniff
‘‘‘’uber POO’