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The Special Events page is being created March 3, 2015. It will be a dynamic page, speaking of events to come as well as linking to pages about those past. We’ll not go back to the beginning of time which, for us, of course, would actually be the very modest date of October 21, 2006. Instead the first event will be the February 2015 Give-Away-A-Book-A-Day event.

A First Silver Boomer Books Serendipity Writing Contest

Contest Rules:

  1. Entries are to be on the subject of “serendipity.” The definition: An unsought, unintended, unexpected, but fortunate, discovery. Combined happenings that may not be individually beneficial, but occurring together they produce a good or welcome outcome.
  2. Winner will receive any three Silver Boomer Books books, or critique and editing of 25 pages of writing, or $25.00 in cash (US Dollars) – winner’s choice.
  3. There is no entry fee. One entry per person will be accepted.
  4. Entries must be received by May 10, 2015.
  5. Entries are longer than 1000 words will be judged based on the first five pages.
  6. Entries may be any writing form including but not limited to short story, poem, essay, memoir, and drama.
  7. Entries will be included in the body of an email message sent to with “Serendipity contest entry” as the title. Attachments will not be accepted. Include in the body of the email your name and email address.
  8. Entries will be judged by published writers and a judge’s comments and suggestions may be returned to the person sending the entry.
  9. The writing must be the individual work of the person whose name and email address appear in the body of the message, and that person must be the person submitting the entry.
  10. Silver Boomer Books will publish the winning entry on the web site and the writer agrees to give Silver Boomer Books the right to publish it electronically one time and to maintain a copy of it on the web site. All other rights remain with the writer.
  11. The work will be judged on the basis of relevance, writing technique, creativity, and skill. The decision of the judge(s) is final.
  12. If you choose to link to these contest rules or to forward them to someone by email, you may link to the Special Events page.



February 2015 Book-a-Day-Giveaway

For the month Silver Boomer Books (SBB) launched into an awareness campaign with the added goal of inventory reduction. While it was a huge learning experience, it was also an unqualified success.

Ron Davis accepts A TIME FOR VERSE for winner, Suanna Davis…except it’s not the book she won!

The first 26 days we gave away a distinctive choice from our 26 titles, including those from our Laughing Cactus Press and Eagle Wings Press imprints. On this website each day a new tab appeared for the book of the day. That page was shared on social media, especially Facebook. The 27th day’s winner chose the book to win, and the last day, the climax, a single person whose name was drawn from 380 shares during the month won all 26 books. The participants worked their way onto the list of potential winners by sharing the page announcing the contest. The books and the winners (identified by their Facebook monikers) were:

Claudia Clinton draws Suanna Davis as the winner of Slender Steps to Sanity.
  1. Marcia Gaye from Missouri won Silver Boomers – a collection of prose and poetry by and about baby boomers.
  2. Carolyn Kirby Hefner from Texas won From the Porch Swing – Memories of our Grandparents.
  3. Madonna Dries Christensen from Florida won Writing Toward the Light – A Grief Journey.
  4. Terri Elders from California won Milagros.
  5. Susan Young from California (and Baja California) won Song of County Roads.
  6. Rick Pantola from Illinois won Haiku Elvis – a life in 17 syllables (or less).
  7. Kitty Honda from Texas won A Time for Verse – Poetic Ponderings on Ecclesiastes.
  8. Susan Young from California (and Baja California) won not so GRIMM – gentle fables and cautionary tales.
  9. Sharon Gallaher Lichter from Arizona won A Quilt of Holidays – Stories, Poetry, Memoir
  10. Connie Nichols from Texas won Insights from the Jobsite.
  11. Shawn Aveningo from Maryland won Longest Hours – Thoughts while Waiting and asked that it be sent to Joyce Currington in Missouri.
  12. Donna Jones from Texas won Native Voices, Native Lands.
  13. Marcia Turville Courson from Texas won Crazy Lady in the Mirror.
  14. Donna Jones from Texas won Poetry Floats – New and selected Philosophy-lite.
  15. Dollie Ostlien from Texas won This Path.
  16. Suanna Davis from Texas won Slender Steps to Sanity – Twelve-Step Notes of Hope.
  17. Carolyn Kirby Hefner from Texas won Bluebonnets, Boots and Buffalo Bones.
  18. Brenda Mitchell from Texas won The Harsh and The Heart – Celebrating the Military.
  19. Carolyn Kirby Hefner from Texas won A Cloud of Witnesses – Two Big Books and Us.
  20. Carol Breedlove Truitt from Texas won Flashlight Memories.
  21. Madonna Dries Christensen from Florida won Three Thousand Doors.
  22. Mary Craig from New Mexico won Survived to Love.
  23. Terri Elders from California won On Our Own – Widowhood for Smarties.
  24. Bill Clifton from Texas won White Elephants – A Memoir.
  25. Bobbie Stegal from Texas won The Innkeeper’s Christmas Eve.
  26. Hazel Shores from Texas won Freckles to Wrinkles.
  27. Sharon Gallaher Lichner from Arizona won her choice of all the books and selected Song of County Roads.
  28. And the winner of all 26 books was JB Hamilton Queen from from Florida.

For various reasons, including mistakes of SBB and the recipient’s participating multiple days, these people received books as well:

  • Gail Streun from Texas who shared at least 21 of the 27 days but didn’t win a drawing requested Milagros.
  • Linda O’Connell from Missouri shared at least 11 days and requested This Path.
  • Samantha Rollins from Michigan requested Milagros.
  • Dollie Ostlien from Texas and Victoria Olsen from North Carolina were in a “Mia Culpa” drawing because they were omitted from the list for the day they shared. The name drawn was “Victoria Ostlien” so each of them got a book. Arbitrarily they got Crazy Lady in the Mirror.
  • Chris K. Brzakala of Wisconsin and Nancy Smith Leemkuil of Iowa were omitted from the drawing for Slender Steps to Sanity and each received a copy.

In all,

  • We had at least 380 shares from at least 85 different people.
  • Most days we had someone different from the Abilene, Texas, community draw a name. One day the person drawing lived in Midland, Texas. Two days we had a collaborative group of people whose choices of numbers assigned to names on the list were averaged. The final day was done by video.
  • There were more than 50 posts by SBB on our Facebook page in February as compared with a total of six the three previous months.
  • We went up for 377 likes for Silver Boomer Book’s Facebook page to 397.
  • We reduced the inventory by the 63 reported here plus several sold, and hopefully many more sold on other websites.
  • We had participation from Ireland, Brazil, Baja California (Mexico), New York, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Oregon, Alabama, Kansas, Utah, Florida,  Illinois, Arizona, New Mexico, Maryland, California, and maybe other places.
  • We had tons of fun and made some great friends.
See more pictures from the month’s fun.


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