This Path

The US Review of Books says:

This Path

edited by Ginny Greene, Becky Haigler, Kerin Riley-Bishop and Barbara B. Rollins

Silver Boomer Books

reviewed by Deborah Straw

“I heard a voice calling, reminding me
of walks to the forgotten spring
of laughter, hope, love
and I reached up, a child again, to grasp my father’s hand.”
– Lee Ardell, ‘Oasis'”

Anthologies written by and for Baby Boomers are multiplying on a vast variety of topics: fathers, mothers, mentors, childhood memories. This Path presents the work of dozens of writers, mostly from the U.S. but also from a few far-flung spots. The essays and poems address the paths we’ve taken, planned or otherwise. Have our lives turned out as we expected? Who do we miss? What do we still want to do?

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This Path

Meet our authors for This Path.

The promise of more to come, made by Silver Boomersa collection of prose and poetry by and about baby boomers, fulfilled in part inFreckles to Wrinkles reaches its destination with This Path. Somewhere between the dream life predicted in our high school yearbooks and now, lies the Path we actually walked: This Path. These pages mark the trails stamped out and the journey imprinted upon those who write from around the country and a few places beyond.

The tradition continues with the Quartet’s final poem:

Let go my bone!

The Quartet

Becky says italics, Ginny says quotes.
I vote resent…er…present.
You do understand it’s a typo (or a Freudian slip!), right?
Freudian typo.
Does anyone care that this is a made-up word?
What’s that noise?
Old dogs learning new tricks. Woof!
Ruh! Roh!
Oh Gawd! people are going to start
questioning our sanity if we add barks
arfs and ruh rohs to a poem!
(You’re just going to add this line as well aren’t you?)
I think it’s woof, because I feel an ARF coming…
Oh, it’s stuck. Well, next time.
That’s disgusting!

quark quark quark
quack quack quack
You know you have to add Quark to the TM list, yes?

“Freckles to Winkles” – is that with one eye or two?
Only “Hawaii” has two I’s.

And yes, I think we’re done!
Except for the paranoia bit.
You people scare me

I’d like this one better without the commas.
It goes straight forward with no hitches
to confuse the reader.
Excellent run-on sentence.

That whooshing sound was this whole conversation thread
going right over my head.
I’m going to leave you nuts here on the tree and go to bed.