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Flashlight Memories

Flashlight Memories

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Flashlight Memories Everyone has a story about a beloved book, treasured in their mind since childhood. What’s more intriguing is that some children grew their love of reading from cuddles and the sound of a loved one’s voice, while others clung to books against all threats of deprivation, greedy and starving for words. A key word that often ties the stories together is “imagination,” and that is found in abundance in this collection.

Reading these stories and poems of humor and drama will certainly call to mind your own childhood Flashlight Memories.


Recovering Editors

The Quartet

I’m marking it for the furtive recovery anthology.
what’s a furtive recovery?
it’s when you recover but don’t let anyone know.

great title, for a comic book.
we’re getting unruly here.

(that’s a raspberry) 😉
We don’t speak Irish.

Just giving you grief.
Just driving you crazy. 
But it’s such a short drive!

dictatorial was the word
on the tip of my tongue
or fingers? 

how do you know
when an elephant’s been in your refrigerator?
footprints in the jello

Playing catch-up today.
Or ketchup? 
Relish the thought!
So you noodle get to work?
Yes, and turnip the heat.
I’m just a bit jelly.
Oh stop before ice cream! 
I cantaloupe.
That’s the proper spelling.
You know. Can’t is a contraction.
Lettuce escape this madness! 
You’re right. I butter get busy.

Fun knee.
Eye agree. 

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