Silver Boomers


Silver Boomers

a collection of prose and poetry by and about baby boomers

Meet our authors for Silver Boomers.

The first and lead book of Silver Boomer Books, Silver Boomers appeared March, 2008, to rave reviews. Here’s what people are saying:

Belly laughs and tears of nostalgia, April 24, 2008

Every reader will connect with these stories. I laughed out loud, got misty-eyed with memories, and was brought face-to-face with the fact that life still has much more on my agenda. Thanks Silver Boomers!

By Herschel Crawford (Oregon)

My new “Favorite Book Ever”, April 23, 2008

Starting off with a capturing cover, simple/abstract picture within a picture of more than a thousand words, those words within the pages of Silver Boomers.

The mixture of story/poem/story kept the pages turning, but not turned before enjoying the marquee ticker tape running along the bottom of each page through the entire book.

Memories reminded and were made throughout this masterfully edited anthology. Kudos to all involved.

By Carl Palmer (University Place, WA)

A wonderful read, April 22, 2008

I purchased this as a gift for my mother but decided to peruse it first. I found it to be a wonderfully reflective look at the past, present, and future…

Of course I was drawn in immediately (It’s kind of like giving a box of chocolates but on the way tasting a few to make sure they are ok – however, not arriving with an empty box!) and found myself not in the company of my mother’s peers but in the close comfort of a creative group of writers that understand and explore life and the impacts of society. The wonderful part of reading a collection of different writers is the broad range of emotions and intellectual thoughts that are evoked as each page turns.

Yes – I know my mother will like this too as there is a flavor for everyone!

Peter C. Dubro “PeterD.” (Boston)

Beautifully pieced poems and stories, April 22, 2008

I read this book, though it reads fast, you want to go back and re-read everything in it. I have officially read through it four times since I got it because you can find a new little tidbit each time that you missed the times before. It is a gem of a read, with flashback like memoirs and shorts, and beautifully timed poems. I get the feeling of a Chicken Soup book, but this is much better because nothing seems to drag on, you can tell each piece was carefully selected, not just thrown in to fill pages. This book is not JUST for baby boomers, but for anyone with a baby boomer in their life, or anyone who enjoys that era. I hope to see more from these authors soon! I will be recommending this to a lot of my family and friends.

S.J.B. “MommyX2NKY” (La Grange, KY, USA)


Crawling the Crawl Line

Editing an Anthology in the Electronic Age

The Quartet

grassy knoll and 
an island never cries. 
What’s a crawl line? 
words across a TV screen 
a different footer on every page 
is that hard? 
don’t you hate those jobs that 
start with “all you have to do is…?” 
Scarlett. Two T’s. 
Bhurma, Myanmar. 
Do you mean Burma? No, before it was 
that wasn’t it Bhurma? 
China/Bhurma/India theater. 
Daddy roomed in Delhi with 
pilots who flew the hump, 
said never play poker with 
guys who gamble with their 

Do we need those r’s in a circle? 
type (r). If you don’t like it, hit 
control y immediately. 
I hope that works on fractions, 
I like 1/2 not ½. 
I was able to get into the current draft. 
And I thank you for the hard copy printout. 
I finished it. Now what? 
We really got some good stuff. 
Here are the nits I’ve picked. 
Coco Chenille. 
Is she the one that designed those fuzzy jackets? ☺ 
Do we have Well-Travelled Bag twice? or is it just my imagination? 
Nope. It’s moved a lot (well-travelled) but it’s just in there once. 
It IS a well-travelled bag. I’ll bet she didn’t imagine 
we’d use it while waiting for a grand-daughter to use it! 
I think Noriega was Daniel, not Benito 
if we’re still crawling: 
Weird Al Yankovich, 
“It’s the real thing,” 
Oh, ps – by the way. I’m back on Gmail. 
Hooray for Larry. 
“Hats off to Larry” – Del Shannon. 

“bussing” is kissing. 
school “busing” will always look misspelled! 
My misspelling’s never deliberate! 
I wrote home from college and my 
sister said I spelled chocolate 9 different 
ways, never right. 
Spellchecker, Al Gore invented the Internet. 
On to the crawl line