Nov 182015

You have to understand…Silver Boomer Books begins and ends with the concept we’re aging Baby Boomers. I understand hashtags are not new to any but seventy-two people younger than my 68 years, but I’ve created my first two today! So, click on the hashtag (after you create it again on your own site, blog, twitter feed, Tumblr account, Facebook page, Instagram, and anything else you have access to and see what happens! The tags are:

#InnkeepersChristmasEve  (

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#GodMakesUsHoly (



And kudos to Jo Helen Cox and Sandy Carter, unwitting co-conspirators in this adventure!

P.S.: In case you don’t know how to create a hashtag, just copy it onto the places I mentioned and it will become a link. They are, first, #InnkeepersChristmasEve and, second, #GodMakesUsHoly.

Barbara Rollins