Nov 232015

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MilagrosMy daughter-in-law (aka daughter-in-love!) Dezi Muse Rollins took home two books that looked interesting from the collection at my home. Of course, she already had many of the others. But Dezi picked up Milagros, our novel by Tess Almendárez Lojacono at the house. The blurb she read was, GMUH-frontCover-smaller-300x228 (1)

Old ways are good ways, Mama taught her girls. They rolled their eyes. Mama’s life, and her love, were molded by the pattern of those old ways. Traditions were as hard for her to relinquish as her wringer washer and line-dried sheets. She tried her best, alongside her husband Manuel, to shape their children with the same care she shaped her home-made bread rolls…only, the girls, the boys, their lifestyles, their mates, were not of that sweeter time. Old ways tussled with new ways, in a new time, and a new country. Customs served to protect the family, to insure its health and survival. It worked in the Old Country, then. Could it work in Pennsylvania? Now?

Don’t you want to read it, too? It’s available at in Kindle or paperback. The other book Dezi took home is our newest, God Makes Us Holy by Jo Helen Cox.

Barbara Rollins

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