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I mentioned Dr. Davis’s blog and motivational speech last time. Another take-away from that was the concept of Obiques. Her discussion can be found at Step 2:Start, including her list. I have intentionally not yet read that list, but I will. Oh, I will!

So, what is an oblique? It’s a geometric term: neither parallel nor at a right angle, coming in from an odd direction. In this context if means a way of breaking through trite writing processes. Some thought provoking bits she quotes from her source are these:

Some examples: What would your closest friend do?
Your mistake was a hidden intention.
What is the simplest solution?
Repetition is a form of change.
Don’t avoid what is easy.

My purpose in bringing this up is twofold. The basic need is for me to come up with entries for this blog that will beckon you. But on a deeper level, I need a list of ideas, of thought-starters, of more creative ways to write whatever I’m doing. That would immediately include writing biographic sketches for a group of historic women; a poem every day; my next great book to write; my next great book to publish (other than those I write or have accepted now), and (gulp) in what direction to take my life now.

My first five obliques:

  1. What would it look like made of sheet metal? (My mother’s and grandmother’s question, married to tin smiths)
  2. Where’s the puce?
  3. If it were a pig in Angry Birds, how would I attack it?
  4. Are there mores I need to ignore here?
  5. What does it look like from above or below?

I’m more to write. But first I’ll read Dr. Davis’…and yours if you’ll put them in the comment form.

  One Response to “Obliques”

  1. Ahh. I can add comments. I just didn’t realize the little tiny orange talking bubble with three dots in it was how you could “leave a reply.” I kept trying to get the “Add Comments” button at the top of the post to work.

    187. If your favorite movie character had this problem, how would they handle it?
    188. How would Will Smith’s character in MIB deal with it?
    189. How would Luke Skywalker deal with it?
    190. What would your least favorite super villain do with or about it? Why? How does knowing that help you?
    191. If this problem were a dog, what would it need?
    192. If this problem were a room, how could you rearrange the furniture in a better configuration?
    193. If this were a pack, what part of the pack would have the answer?
    194. If this were a supernatural creature, how would you deal with it?
    195. How would someone who has just heard of this for the first time react?
    196. How would someone who has read the finished product react?
    197. If this were completed, what would be the next thing you would have done?
    198. Pretend the situation is in your favorite author’s novel, what would happen next?
    199. Where would this be if it were a vacation?
    200. If you had to start over again from scratch, what would be the most important thing about this?
    201. If it were a dog that had run away, how would you get it to come home?
    202. If it were the main entrée, what appetizer would you serve before it?
    203. There is always something to be done. What is it this time?
    204. If you were only allowed to do one more thing on this, what would you do?
    205. In five minutes, what can you do that would be most satisfying?
    206. When you’ve finished, what will it feel like?
    207. What will it look like when you’ve succeeded?
    208. How will it sound when it is done well?
    209. If it could talk, what would it tell you?
    210. If it were a dance, what kind of music would it need?
    211. Remember the last time you laughed out loud.
    212. Grin at ten people.
    213. Grin at people till someone grins back.
    214. Grin at people till someone asks you why you are so happy.
    215. Get up and dance.
    216. Make a pot of hot tea. Sip your tea slowly.
    217. Add lemon to a soda pop. Feel the lemon fizz.
    218. Play a lullaby.
    219. Play a children’s card game.
    220. Design the perfect afternoon.

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